Refund & Cancellation Policy

Effective 24th February 2022

Once a course has been purchased, a Student can decide to cancel / pull out of the course at any time before the first session starts. In such a case, a Student can request a full refund of the fees paid by him/her for that particular course by contacting CRACK IB using the Contact Us form on the website or by emailing Us at

A Student cannot pull out of the course once the course has begun. After the first session of a Course has begun, no refund will be provided.

CRACK IB reserves the right to cancel a Course after Listing, as well as cancelling a Course after payment has been collected, as well as cancelling a Course in progress. In these unfortunate scenarios, We will do our best to notify all the Members / Students in that particular Course of the cancellation. Students who have enrolled in the cancelled Course will be given a refund of the undelivered sessions i.e. the refund amount would be pro-rata to the unconsumed portion of the tuition. E.g. If a hypothetical course costs ₹100 for a total of 10 sessions, then each session will be deemed to be cost ₹10. Therefore, if this course gets cancelled after the completion of 3 sessions, then an enrolled student in this cancelled course will be entitled to a refund of ₹70.

We reserve the right to ban a student from using our app or accessing our online courses. A student will not be entitled to a refund after he is banned. Reasons for banning a student can include the following:

• Bringing other friends or students who have not paid to attend the live online classes.
• Disruptive or rude behaviour during the live online classes or while communicating on the learning management system
• Illegally distributing materials from our live online classes or app to other non-paying students
• Any other reason which we may deem to consider as harmful behaviour

In case of confusion or to discuss your individual case, you are welcome to contact us at