Physics HL – Fields & Electromagnetic Induction (Topics 10 & 11)

$699 $599 (14% off)

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$699 $599 (14% off)


Feb 27 2023 - Apr 10 2023

TimeIndian Standard Time

10:00 pm - 11:00 pm


$ 599

Physics HL – Fields & Electromagnetic Induction (Topics 10 & 11)

$699 $599 (14% off)

Dates: 27 Feb 2023 – 10 April 2023
Total number of sessions = 25
Regular Sessions: Mon, Wed, Fri at 10:00 – 11:0 pm India Time
Doubt Solving Session every Sunday at 10:00 – 11:0 pm India Time

Class Code: PHYS-5E-24

Portion of the IBDP syllabus covered:

Topic 10: Fields

10.1 – Describing fields
10.2 – Fields at work

Topic 11: Electromagnetic Induction 

11.1 – Electromagnetic induction
11.2 – Power generation and transmission
11.3 – Capacitance

  • Structured online IB tuition course with live interactive online classes
  • Includes live doubt solving sessions
  • Exam oriented – key concepts, learning strategies, in-exam techniques, how to understand IB
    questions, how to organise IB answers by mark-scheme keywords, writing style, time management
    skills and much more
  • If you are unable to attend a session, please write to us at and request a recording of the missed sessions



LIVE ONLINE from Istanbul, Turkey
LIVE ONLINE from Istanbul, Turkey


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Dyako Mostafavi


Dyako Mostafavi

Dyako is a final year PhD Physics student at Istanbul University. He holds a Masters in Solid States Physics with a focus on Quantum Electronics and Nano-Photonics and their applications.

Dyako has 5 years experience in teaching Physics at the high school level, having a strong experience with both IB and AP. He is currently teaching IB & AP Physics at Istanbul American School, where he trains students from all over the globe. He loves and thrives working in multi-cultural environments, making him a natural fit for becoming an IB instructor. Whilst being result oriented, Dyako also wants to be able to share the wonders of Physics with his students and thereby spark their curiosity and interest in the subject.

Dyako’s teaching style is slow and methodical, focusing on building solid foundational concepts and problem solving skills. He is open to feedback, approachable, and highly motivated in ensuring the success of his students.

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