Language & Literature HL & SL – IA Oral Workshop

$349 $299 (15% off)

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$349 $299 (15% off)


Feb 19 2023 - Mar 26 2023

TimeIndian Standard Time

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


$ 299

Language & Literature HL & SL – IA Oral Workshop

$349 $299 (15% off)

Course Dates: 19 Feb 2023 – 26 Mar 2023
No. of sessions: 12 sessions

Class Schedule: Sundays (3 pm – 5 pm IST) (2 sessions)
Class code: LANGLIT-4

This course is taught by Alexandra Petrescu who is an IB Examiner

Some of the topics covered: 

Assessment Criteria
Conditions & constraints
Revision of “Global Issue” concepts
Sample topics
Dissection of best performing IA Orals from the past
Speaking skills required for this particular assessment
How to prepare for the Orals i.e. how to organise your points, appropriate language, tonality etc.
Review of formal elements if needed


LIVE ONLINE from Bucharest, Romania
LIVE ONLINE from Bucharest, Romania


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Alexandra Petrescu


Alexandra Petrescu


Alexandra is an experienced Diploma Programme English Language and Literature and English Literature Teacher, with 100% pass rate in the past 7 years and results above the world average. She holds a Bachelor Degree in English Language and Literature and a Master’s Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from University of San Francisco. Hard work and sincerity are part of the virtues that best epitomize who she is as a professional. She focuses on holistic education with students who are willing to widen their horizons through inquiry and critical thinking.

Her interests range from higher education to leadership and foreign languages. She is particularly interested in curriculum development for blended learning and digital tools and applications for a more practical approach to the humanities and languages. Her wish is to empower students to become analytical thinkers and to make sense of current events, by facilitating access to a range of curated reliable sources, thus helping students navigate the intricacies of news dissemination and prepare for the challenges of IB assessments.

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