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Jan 29 2023

TimeIndian Standard Time

4:30 pm - 8:30 pm


$ 99

Economics HL & SL – Paper Writing Style Workshop


Total no. of hours = 4

This course is taught by Mr. Constantinos Liolios, who is an IB Examiner. 

Dates: 29th January 2023
Sundays 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm India Time

Class code: ECON-PWSW-23



Command terms are keywords placed in your IB questions. Each command term requires you to answer that question in a particular way. Every IB subject has its own unique set of command terms. Make sure to learn your command terms and corresponding answer structures.


It would take too much time for the IB to provide full answers to all its questions. Instead, they provide their IB Examiners with a list of keywords that they expect a student to use in answering a particular question. Missing keywords will lead to a lower score.

Similar to keywords, the IB expects you to use the right diagrams at the most appropriate times in your answers. Every diagram must be accompanied by a corresponding explanation.


Often overlooked, the style of writing answers is the key to getting a 7. Even though many students understand all the concepts and are confident of reproducing information in the exams, they are unable to achieve a score of 7 because they are not aware of the writing style required for Economics. 

Especially in essay based questions, knowing what to write about is not enough. Every answer requires brainstorming, an outline, the right keywords and diagrams, and an appropriate writing style. You may know everything, but you may not be able to express it in the way the IB wants you to. This is most often the case for subjects like Economics.

The writing style includes answer organisation, the depth and breadth of your analysis, arguments and counter-arguments provided, and a logical presentation of all your assertions with the appropriate choice of supporting evidence.

  • Structured online IB tuition course with live interactive online classes
  • Exam oriented – answer writing style, key concepts, learning strategies, in-exam techniques, how to understand IB
    questions, learn how to recognise and solve different question types and much more
  • If you are unable to attend a live class, please write to us at and request recordings of the missed sessions


LIVE ONLINE from Athens, Greece
LIVE ONLINE from Athens, Greece


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Constantinos has over 20 years of experience in teaching Economics and Business Management at both the school and university levels. He has worked across IB schools in Greece, where he has been an IBDP Coordinator as well as an Economics, Business Management, and Political and Social Sciences teacher. He is currently an IB Economics Examiner.

Outside of regular school work, he has 15 years of experience in successfully tutoring students.

He has been a research assistant in projects funded by the EU and the Greek Ministry of Transportation & Communication focusing on solving economic problems in the maritime sector. He is also a member of the Greek Chamber of Economy.

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